ISPRS Technical Commission V Education and Outreach – Updated Working Group structure for the period 2022-2026

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Innovative Technologies in Training Civil Engineers and Architects 

In the past period, we have been very actively involved in the activities of WG V/7. 

The name of our group: Innovative Technologies in Civil Engineers and Architects Training and under the leadership of prof. Seredovich, we were very well evaluated within the 5th commission and the ISPRS office. 

We will follow in our activities by continuing the activities of our group. We will keep the same title of the group. 

According to the agreement we made changes in the management of the working group. Karel Vach has became the leader of the working group and have two representatives. Former leader Vladimir Seredovich and former regional representative Roman Shults, and significantly strengthened regional coordinators and Key  supporters. 

Below is the new organization of our WG and the program of our group.

We are very glad that our WG has been confirmed in the XXIV ISPRS Congress 2022. The Working Group will be official announced in September by ISPRS president.  


Organization of our WG

Chair: Karel Vach (Czech Republic)

Co-Chair: Vladimir A. Seredovich (Russia)

Co-Chair: Roman Shults (Ukraine)

Secretary: Zdenek Svaty (Czech Republic)

Honorary Co-Chair: Gottfried Konecny (Germany)
Honorary Secretary: Argina Novitskaya  (Russia).


Regional Coordinator (USA): Eugene Levin

Regional Coordinator (Germany): Reiner Jäger

Christian Clemen

Regional Coordinator (Italy): Paolo Fiamma

Regional Coordinator (UK): Craig Hancock

Regional Coordinator (Nepal): Laxmi Thapa

Regional Coordinator (Greece): Aikaterini Karagianni

Regional Coordinator (Estonia): Jüri Pärtna

Regional Coordinator (Lithuania): Jūratė Sužiedelytė Visockienė

Eglė Tumelinė

Regional Coordinator (Iraq): Nada Kadhim 

Regional Coordinator (Nigeria) Lola Olayinka-Dosunmu

Regional Coordinator (India) Senthil Kumar

Key Supporters (Czech Republic):  Karel Pavelka, Marketa Potuckova, Adam Dlesk, Karel Vach Jr., Karel Pavelka Jr., Pavel Holubec  

Our Mission

ISPRS Working Group V/7 aims to promote global literacy and advance innovations in geospatial technologies, mainly in photogrammetry and remote sensing, for implementation in the educational process of applied and natural sciences through the development of multidisciplinary educational content that will facilitate knowledge exchange between various majors and scientific organizations.

We are establishing and soliciting a global collaborative network focused on the most efficient ways to integrate professionally and crowdsourced geospatial data into civil engineering, architectural, ecological, geological, and other operational workflows.

To meet this challenge, WG is planning to develop and promote worldwide educational content enabling to provide training and education for geospatial literacy and skills-set development in civil engineering, environmental and architectural activities, ecological and geological studies, etc.

Special attention will be given to the low-cost photogrammetry, UAS, LiDAR, and open-sourced geospatial technologies suitable for deployment by developing countries. To this end, the group aims to establish collaboration with the UN University, European, and the US educational programs that challenge to help the developing countries.

Finally, WG shares educational content, develops novel educational components of training and education in photogrammetry and remote sensing for civil engineers, architects, environmental engineers, etc, organize joint workshops, symposium and prepares curriculums, textbooks, and recommendations.


Terms of Reference

  • Teaching innovative geospatial technologies to get learning skills in assessing the environmental impact of construction, structure inventory, and certification.
  • Development of educational programs on applying photogrammetry, remote sensing and GIS for solving problems of BIM for building life cycle support, town-planning and spatial territorial management
  • Geospatial education for civil engineering, particularly for roads, bridges, buildings construction, facilities management etc. 
  • Smart Cities, Digital Twins, Spatial planning, Real estate management and their geospatial educational constituent. 
  • VR/AR technologies for decision-support process in civil engineering and architecture. 
  • Geospatial technologies for the decision-support process of renewal and development of the electricity system, development of electromobility infrastructure, and management of decentralized energy.
  • Development and implementation of Innovative techniques and technologies of photogrammetry and remote sensing for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree curricula and postgraduate studies in architecture, town planning, civil engineering, environmental engineering, geology, etc.
  • Methodical guidance, management of educational seminars and summer schools for the sharing of knowledge and experience of young professionals in photogrammetry, remote sensing, civil engineering, architecture, geomatics engineering, and GIS
  • Provide assistance in submitting projects on integrated educational programs financing by various organizations and those of under the EU auspices


General Plan of Activities for 2022-2026

  • ISPRS WG V/7 welcome workshop “Innovative Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Technologies for Civil Engineers and Architects” by the Satbayev University, Almaty, Kazakhstan on May, 2023 in Almaty, Kazakhstan (with ISPRS Archives/Annals publication).
  • ISPRS WG V/7 workshop “Measurement, Visualisation and Processing in BIM for Design and Construction Management MVPBIM 2024” hosted by Czech Technical University in Prague on September-October 2024, Prague, Czech Republic (with ISPRS Archives/Annals publication).
  • ISPRS WG V/7 workshop “BIM education and its liaison with geospatial technologie” shosted by University of Pisa on September-October 2025, Pisa, Italy (with ISPRS Archives/Annals publication).
  • Joint ISPRS WG V/7 workshop as a part of XII international ENVIRO-2023 “Environmental Engineering” conference hosted by the Vilnius Gedeminas Technical University on April 2026 in Vilnius, Lithuania (with ISPRS Archives/Annals publication and WoS conference publication).
  • Organization of annual summer/winter schools together with Czech Technical University in Prague during 2022-2026 on BIM, close-range photogrammetry, and UAV applications.
  • Promotion of ISPRS WG V/7 activity through the system of getting grants for educational programs (from the EU) for the universities involved.
  • Edition of on-line tutorial “Innovative Geospatial Technologies for Multidisciplinary Applications”, during 2024-2025. 
  • Preparation of e-learning manual “Innovative Geospatial Technologies for Multidisciplinary Applications”, during 2023-2024.
  • Fostering cooperation with related WGs of TC II and TC V