Photogrammetry Education Constructions Institute

PHEDCS was established to follow up the working group WG V/6

The main purpose is to fulfill the obligations arising from the activities of this working group.

It is the art and science of making measurements from photographs. The input to Photogrammetry are photographs, and the output is a map, a drawing, a measurement, or a 3D model of some real-world object or scene.


We transfer our experience from Photogrammetry, Remote sensing and Laser scanning to other fields of science, especially construction and architecture. We connect scientific disciplines and cooperate internationally.


We connect technological processes in BIM and multidisciplinary management of the construction process. We seek optimal standards.

ISPRS Working group V/6

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Upcoming events

  • ISPRS TC V Mid-term Symposium “Insight to Foresight via Geospatial Technologies” Manila, Philippines.


  • ISPRS WG V/6 workshop “Measurement, Visualisation and Processing in BIM for Design and Construction Management MVPBIM 2024” hosted by Czech Technical University in Prague on September-October 2024, Prague, Czech Republic (with ISPRS Archives/Annals publication).


  • ISPRS WG V/6 workshop “BIM education and its liaison with geospatial technologies” hosted by University of Pisa on September-October 2025, Pisa, Italy (with ISPRS Archives/Annals publication).


  • Joint ISPRS WG V/6 workshop as a part of XII international ENVIRO-2023 “Environmental Engineering” conference hosted by the Vilnius Gedeminas Technical University on April 2026 in Vilnius, Lithuania (with ISPRS Archives/Annals publication and WoS conference publication).