15-16 June 2023 – Satbayev University, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Supported by D. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan technical university



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International conference Geoeducation for Mining, Architecture, and Civil Engineering and WG V/6 Workshop BIM and Geospatial Technologies.

The international conference is organized by ISPRS Technical Commission V WG V/6 and will take place on 15-16 June 2023 at Satbayev University, Almaty, Kazakhstan.


The conference intends to bring together scientists and entrepreneurs from various branches related to geospatial knowledge. The primary goal is focused on the most efficient ways to integrate professionally and crowdsourced geospatial data into civil, architectural, and environmental engineering. To meet this challenge, we are planning to hold several scientific sessions and the ISPRS WG V/6 Workshop. Special attention will be given to the close-range photogrammetry, UAS, LiDAR, and open-sourced geospatial technologies suitable for the conference's key directions.


•    Civil Engineering (Territory Management, BIM, Surveying, Facility Management)
•    Architecture (Urban Planning, Architectural Surveys, HBIM)
•    Mining (Surveying, Environmental Impact)
•    Environmental Engineering (Environmental Impact of Construction, Geohazards)
•    Fundamental Sciences (Geology, Geography, Geophysics, Archaeology)


1. Innovative geospatial technologies in multidisciplinary training and knowledge exchange of AEC majors.
2. Teaching innovative geospatial technologies to get learning skills in assessing the environmental impact of construction.
3. BIM and geospatial education for building life cycle support.
4. Geospatial education for civil engineering.
5. Digital Twins and their geospatial educational constituent.
6. Real estate management and its geospatial educational constituent.
7. Smart Cities and their geospatial educational constituent.
8. Geospatial technologies for facilities management.

WG V/6 Workshop BIM and Geospatial Technologies

1. Training and retraining of specialists in the field of BIM technologies. New specialties and scientific directions.
2. Modern measurement and data processing tools for the implementation of BIM.
3. Implementation of the tasks of design, construction and operation of facilities at all stages of the life cycle using BIM.
4. Remote sensing and laser scanning in the implementation of BIM technologies and modeling.
5. New opportunities for mining industry management using BIM.
6. The use of BIM for solving applied problems in the field of architecture, urbanism, ecology, transport, real estate transactions, etc.

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22a Satbaev str.

050013, Almaty

The Republic of Kazakhstan

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JUNE 14 Kolsay Lakes National Park 8:00

JUNE 15 Gala Dinner Mountain resort "Ak-Auyl" Restaurant of national
cuisine 15.00

JUNE 17 Mountain Stadium Medeo 12.00
Ski Resort Shymbulak


Roman Shults

Czech Technical University in Prague

• Geospatial educational initiatives and new programs development
• 20+ years of academic experience and conducting geospatial engineering projects
• Five years of educational experience in online teaching (video lectures, animated presentations,
animated lab, online testing)
• GIS, Remote Sensing, Geodesy, and Photogrammetry expert (design, development, customization,
and delivery of industrial projects)
• Dr. of Science Geodesy, Photogrammetry, and Cartography (Ph.D. plus 2012)
• Ph.D. in Geodesy (2006)
• Certified Photogrammetrist (ASPRS, US)
• Extensive hands-on experience with Remote Sensing (Assessment of Environmental Impact of
Construction), GIS (Environmental Modelling and Analysis in GIS, Cartographic Design and Mapping in
GIS), Applied Geodesy (Engineering and Global Geospatial Monitoring Projects, Geodetic Conduct of
Large Engineering Structures Assembling, TS, GNSS, TLS, InSAR), BIM (Engineering Structures
Assembling), Close-range Photogrammetry, UAV (Innovative Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
Technologies for Structure Inventory and Certification, Monitoring and Cultural Heritage
Preservation), and Aerial and Satellite Imagery (Geo-referencing, Bundle Adjustment, 3D Surface
Reconstruction, Ortho-rectification, Mapping, Scientific Proposals Development)
Research and application of remote sensing, UAS, close-range photogrammetry, and terrestrial laser
scanning, BIM; GIS and remote sensing for town-planning, spatial management, and assessment of
the construction impact on the environment; GIS and remote sensing educational and outreach
activity; geospatial monitoring of engineering structures; geodetic support of civil engineering and
assembling works

Jaroslav Nechyba

is a leading BIM expert with extensive experience in the development and implementation of BIM
strategies based on his practical experiences in delivering solutions for the construction industry for
decades. He led the expert team in 2017 that wrote the national strategy and for five years headed
the Czech authorities digitization efforts and their work on their national BIM strategy to streamline
information management in the public sector with a positive impact on whole supply chains. This
involves, among other things, changes in laws, regulations, processes and frameworks for work in the
whole public sector as well as for a single organisation. And it also includes the development and
implementation of standardized information requirements in organisations and projects based on
the implementation of international standards in practice.
He is in present-time freelancer and works on interesting projects across Europe helping national
activities and large organizations implement BIM in practice. He is a Czech Standardization Agency
representative at the EU BIM Task Group platform in the position of Deputy Chair and also the
position of Co-chair of the Trustee Board in the Construction Classification International
Collaboration (CCIC) organization as well.
Tel.: +420 776 592 329
Karel Vach
Email: info@phedcs.com